Tbilisi Symposium “Knowledge Production in Public Transport – Normativities. Actors. Outcomes” – Public Programme

The CoMoDe research group cordially invites you to participate at the open programme of the upcoming Symposium “
Knowledge Production in Public Transport – Normativities. Actors. Outcomes.” happening in Tbilisi, Georgia from the 18th to the 21st of March and primarily taking place at Ilia State University Tbilisi.

We designed a public programme that showcases a selection of exciting talks, panel discussions and a special movie screening with international and local public transport enthusiasts, researchers, planners, officials, activists and artists. The listed events are open and accessible to all, no registration needed.

Find the Timetable PDF here: Public Programme Tbilisi

More Information about the Symposium:

This symposium is dedicated to understanding knowledge production in public transport, primarily in formerly Soviet cities and beyond. It focuses on three interrelated topics: First, it focuses on normative visions surrounding public transport reforms. Which kinds of socio-economic orders are promoted as desired developmental paths while reforming public transport? How are socialist and capitalist modernities narrated in relation or through reforming public transport? How are sustainability, social, spatial and mobility justice defined, how such definitions and developmental imaginaries travel? Second, it focuses on actors that produce knowledge about public transport, ranging from state officials, manufacturers, consultancies, developmental organisations and investors to users, service providers, transport workers, civil society actors and transport enthusiasts. How do actors accumulate transport- related knowledge and how do they manage or fail to influence transport -related policy making?

Finally, the symposium looks into the outcomes of specific constellations of knowledge production. How do various knowledges re-shape policies, material infrastructures, and what kind of socio-spatial consequences do they carry for urban dwellers? The workshop will take the form of a four-days meeting with a schedule highly shaped by the academic, artistic and practice-oriented input of its participants, and will furthermore include keynote lectures, public debates, and excursions to major and contentious public transport sites in Tbilisi

We look forward to meet you in Tbilisi!